““SalesNexus has been a very exciting and very fruitful tool for us in a sales and marketing standpoint…We’ve alsready closed enough deals to cost justify this project for the remainder of the year.””
– Steve Cross of Sourcing Advisory Group

Sales Nexus has literally changed my personal and professional quality of life. Over the last two months we have integrated our business 100% into SalesNexus. We are now paperless through using the SalesNexus task list. Nothing is slipping through the cracks and we have been timely with all of our operations. We don’t have 10 different versions of excel spreadsheets floating around wondering which one is the latest. As an owner, it has given me piece of mind. I now work out in the morning and see the kids off to school. The best part is that I don’t bring work home with me any more. I thought that programs like this was for big companies. WRONG! It works great for small operations as well. No more binders and lose papers.

Drew Cerza

Drew Cerza Founder, National Buffalo Wing Festival

Sales Nexus is the most important sales tool in my real estate business, hands down! The scheduling, activity series for follow up and note keeping of client interaction are the three most valuable features to me personally. I simply couldn’t live without it – and the great customer service I receive from the team at Sales Nexus is just icing on the cake!

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson Realtor ,

If you really want to build your business these people will hold your hand and help you build what you need to build so that you can reach your customers.

Greg Dwyer

Greg Dwyer Motivational Speaker

Our new sales people say SalesNexus is SO MUCH BETTER than Salesforce!

becky2Becky Malkemus EVP/COO SmartSteps Solutions