Create Email Campaigns that Get Results with SalesNexus

by | Feb 19, 2021

email campaign

John Armstrong of Premium Medical Solutions and customer of SalesNexus. 

Meeting the Covid-19 challenges has changed his business and caused John Armstrong to have to move from consulting and selling medical devices to target those people who are willing to buy medical devices because that is where his market is at the moment.

With SalesNexus, John Armstrong was able to focus on 1 product. He was then able to customize the marketing messages that would grab doctors’ attention and cause them to respond and click through the emails he sent out.

With SalesNexus, John Armstrong was able to create a email campaign with a video that really brought everything together – the entire process of customizing the database, understanding how to record, discovering those interested, and qualifying the leads. They received a good response rate and it allowed him to unleash the full potential of the database. 

Timeline: 1 week and a half – you don’t have to wait months to see results!

Quick demo: How to turn contact data into sales leads 

  1. Import your contacts.
    1. Upload an Excel file or CSV of files you already have.
    2. Upload your Google or Outlook contacts.
  2. Create an email.
    1. Create using graphics from the internet.
    2. Make sure you are asking the right questions and sending out the right messages.
  3. Add to campaign.
    1. Take those contacts you’ve just loaded into the system and put them on a campaign.
    2. Automate your campaign so that you can schedule multiple emails sent out over a specified period of time. You can set it and forget about it, assured that it will go out automatically.
  4. View lookup.
    1. Get a list of everyone that’s clicked on those emails.
    2. Segment the list to find out more details.
  5. Follow through with a call.
    1. Click on any of your customers in the system and you should have all the data you need when you make a warm call.
    2. Make that call relatively quickly (while they are showing interest, reading your articles, opening your emails, watching your videos and engaging with your brand).