4 Marketing Mistakes of Businesses

by | Feb 17, 2021

Marketing Mistakes

Here is a look at the top 4 marketing mistakes that businesses often make and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Neglect of potential future clients.

  • Past leads
  • Past clients
  • Potential customers that you’ve never talked to before

Don’t forget about these because they are potentially great opportunities for an email.

2. Neglect of existing customers.

  • Don’t forget about your customers. Right now could be a great time to up-sell, cross-sell and things like that to people you are already doing business with.

3. Poor follow-up.

  • Waiting too long to call new leads
  • Not enough touches 

In the B2B sense, if you don’t have a website that customers can go and put in their credit card number and make the purchase without talking to another human being, then you’ve got to be quick. Your system needs to tell you: “Here are the people that clicked that need a call right now.”

4. Talking about yourself instead of the customer! 

Don’t talk about yourself, talk about the customer. Don’t focus on the great stuff YOU do, what you’re an expert in, or the services you provide. Send out an email highlighting a problem THEY may be struggling with, and how you can help them with it. 

Take note, the design element of an email is not the most important thing. You are not trying to educate in the email. You’re only trying to get their attention to engage with you. You want them to raise their hand and say, “I have this problem, and you could probably help me, you should probably call.” 

Keep it really simple!

Don’t delay sending out your email in order to make the “perfect” email. Create what you can create, get it out the door, and let the data tell you if it worked or not…Then, adjust using that data.