Free eBook – Double Your Sales in 2009 – available now

by | Mar 10, 2009

The entire 5 part series is now available for immediate download as a complete e-Book!

Double Your Sales in 2009 has been more popular than any other article, whitepaper or e-Book we’ve ever released, by far!

Stop listening to the doom and gloom in the news. You can take charge of your own destiny in these challenging times and super charge your sales engine!

These are simple steps any business can take immediately without spending a dime!

Here’s a summary of the Double Your Sales in 2009 e-Book:

Qualify Early and Often – define questions that indicate the “qualification” of any lead and ask every lead right up front before you invest lots of time and money in them.

Timing is Everything – create guidelines for what makes it worthwhile to take each step in the sales dance with each prospect.

The Law of Attraction – teach everyone on your team to say no to prospects unless they are sure that the investment of their time and your money will yield the desired result.

Set the Mustangs Free – make it easy for sales reps to track what happens with each lead, the answers to your qualification questions and the sales activities invested in. Hold them accountable for following the process by sharing the results of this tracking with the team.

Pour in the Jet Fuel – track the source of each lead and redirect marketing efforts and investments toward the lead sources that generating the most frequently qualified and close-able leads.

This process does not have to take months. If you start today, within 30 days you’ll begin to see improvements in relationships with the most valuable sales prospects and you’ll begin to see where your marketing investments should be realigned.

There is no reason that 2009 can’t be the best year you’ve ever had. Your selling process is about to turn into a high performance selling machine. Wasted time and money will be minimized and your sales team will be focused on the best possible opportunities more often.

Download the entire “Double Your Sales in 2009” series as an e-Book here.