How to Write Successful Emails

by | Mar 30, 2021

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Now it’s time to write the emails for your campaigns, but where do you start? We’ve got the formula and some useful tips to keep in mind before hitting that send button. Read more about it here, and download our Email Campaign Creation Guide for free for more details and examples. 

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Avoid trying to create the perfect email on your first attempt.

The idea is to get your first email sent so the results can tell you what to do next. The biggest killer of email marketing success is spending days and weeks creating a beautiful email that everyone on your team just loves but, no customers respond to when you finally send it out.

Consider your reading process when checking your email. When there’s inbox full of messages to compete with, you’ve got to get their attention and get to the point.

The formula is essentially:

formula 1

Are you looking for answers to this problem/challenge?

formula 2

If so, we thought you’d find this interesting! (offer some helpful content)

formula 3

Sign off and provide your contact information 

formula 4

You may offer up some other solutions and links to your website or social media. However, this has to be secondary in terms of the organization and design of the message. 

Here’s a template to use for your emails

Salutation – (use a mail merge field here to personalize it)
Pain Question:
– Do you have this pain?
– Are you struggling with this pain?
– Is this pain keeping you up at night?
(Replace “this pain” with the specific pain your content piece addresses for your customers)
Offered Content:
– You might enjoy this article.
– Download our step by step guide.
– Watch this short video.
– See how (company) fixed the pain (here you link to your website, video, pdf or other content)
Post Sell – add a sentence or two (no more!) that describes how the reader will benefit from your content.
Signature – mail merge in your name, phone and other contact details.

The All Important SUBJECT Line

If your subject line doesn’t get the recipient’s attention, your email is deleted before it’s even seen. When you consider that we’re only expecting 1 or 2% of recipients to click on the email, if you don’t get the subject line right, what’s in the email itself doesn’t matter at all. Don’t make this an afterthought and plan to test a few variations.

  • Keep it short – on a mobile device, you’ve got about 25 characters to work with. Less is more.
  • Don’t waste space with your company name or product name.
  • Make sure the subject line appeals to the customer’s pain.
  • Avoid words like Free, Discount, Special, Offer, etc.
  • Use words like Help, Fix, Stop, Upgrade, etc.
  • Think about this – How will the reader’s life improve by opening your email?
  • Mail merge – mail merge the recipient’s first name or company name into the subject. This makes sure it stands out.

Learn more about Writing Good Email Subject Lines here!

Avoid these Mistakes

  • Talking about yourself.
  • Talking about your company
  • Talking about your product.
  • Too much text.
  • Not mobile friendly. 50% of your emails will be read on a mobile phone. You have even less room for being verbose.
  • Keep it SUPER short and to the point. Make sure graphics don’t push the actual message off the screen.
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Download the Email Campaign Creation Guide for FREE for more information on how to create effective email campaigns! 

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