A Recipe for Disaster: Do It Yourself CRM Set Up

by | May 6, 2018

You’ve ordered the new software and have given your IT people the orders to prepare for the implementation of the new CRM system, so everything is ready – right?

Maybe not…

CRM is Not Designed for DIY

It isn’t that CRM software isn’t worthwhile or that establishing an effective CRM system won’t pay dividends, it will. A recent Forbes article said this…

“Since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect a company’s revenue, CRM is a management strategy that results in increased profits for a business.”

The problem isn’t the software, the system or the theology of customer relationship management.  The problem will inevitably be somewhere in between the setup and the implementation of the software and the system.

The success and effectiveness of any CRM system is greatly dependent on its implementation. There are several reasons behind this and many common misnomers about using CRM software. Unfortunately, a do it yourself CRM system is a bit more involved than plug and play.

These are a few of the primary reasons why do it yourself CRM setup and implementation fail and the mistakes companies make.

Proper CRM Tailoring

Some companies discover that the busyness of their day to day operations prevent them from having the time to properly tailor their CRM software. Others may simply not understand the importance of tailoring these systems to fit into their unique business processes while some might just not have the technical or marketing expertise to know how or where to begin.

Failure to Simplify

It isn’t uncommon for many business owners to hold their companies close to their chest, these are after all, their babies. That isn’t a bad thing, except it can make it difficult to be objective about their business. When implementing CRM software, it is necessary to simplify the nuanced business processes into more basic easy to follow steps within the CRM system.

The aforementioned Forbes article later said this about CRM systems, “…CRM software allows businesses to optimize their customer interactions. By simplifying and streamlining many of the more complex customer interaction processes, CRM increases customer satisfaction.”

Actualizing the Plan

While the success of any plan or new system is considerably impacted by the staff or team involved, it is essential to the success of every CRM system. In order for a CRM system to be optimized and effective, the salespeople must “buy in” and commit to adopting the new system.

No other individuals will benefit more from great CRM software than the members of your sales team. That will require that they use it, however, which may require some planning and follow up.

“… the CRM system helps in complementing and supplementing the physical customer relationship effort and by automating customer touch points; it ensures that there are few errors or mistakes committed during the customer relationship management process.”

If your salespeople use the system, the system will work. Your team will have to invest more time and energy and make more of a commitment to make your CRM software more than a high-end appointment book! Ensuring your team is taking full advantage of the system will provide them with customer insights, make them more knowledgeable and equate to better customer relationships.

The Implementation Solution

While companies can struggle with a do it yourself CRM setup and implementation, there are smart and reliable solutions. The setup and implementation were never intended or designed to be a do it yourself CRM type of process.  This isn’t a band-aid fix for your lacking revenue or a new idea to improve the overall performance of your business. This is a change in how companies do business, namely using technology to deliver insights and a decisive competitive advantage.

The solution, now that you’ve found the right software and have a great team behind you, is to reach out for professional guidance and support. The right CRM software will enable that great team to target, connect and convert and the best help will ensure that your CRM system empowers them to do just that.