Choosing A Small To Medium Size Business CRM Software

by | Dec 18, 2012

CRM solutions for small to medium sized businesses (SMB) are widely available and growing in adoption. Many people have questioned whether customer relationship management systems make sense for small to medium sized business from a financial and practical standpoint. However, as the CRM industry matures, more nimble CRM software options are being made available to small to medium sized businesses. SMB’s are also commonly referred to as Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME).


Why Do SMB Need CRM Software?

SMB Business CRM Software

Many small to medium size businesses struggle to capture and maintain quality customer information. Their employees are wearing so many hats that proper customer information recording practices fall to the wayside and communication between individuals or groups within the company can suffer. And when internal communication breaks down it typically leaks into the customer experience resulting in poor customer satisfaction. 

SMB’s also don’t typically have sufficient sales technology, dedicated IT teams and can’t afford costly software products. Thus, CRM software can be a godsend for SMB’s looking to improve their customer satisfaction, grow their sales, expand their business, and be more efficient all around.

What is the Ideal SMB Business CRM Software?

The ideal CRM software solution for small to medium sized businesses will be hassle-free, meaning easy to install and manage. This SMB Business CRM Software will be simple to import existing data into and will be reliable and scalable. For most SMB’s, an online CRM system, also called web-based CRM software will be best. Online CRM systems are more affordable and are quicker to implement and should come with a dedicated support or IT team on the CRM vendor side.

SMB Business CRM Software

Choosing The Right CRM for SMB

So, what should one look for in a SMB business CRM software solution? Here’s a quick list:

  • The CRM software should offer a Free Trial.
  • The CRM solution vendor should learn about and meet your unique business needs.
  • The CRM software implementation should include training and technical support.
  • The CRM solution should be low risk and affordable.
  • The CRM software should be flexible and easy to learn.
  • The CRM solution should offer online or web-based CRM solutions.
  • The CRM software provider should be forthcoming on all future, recurring or ongoing costs.
  • The CRM vendor should prove to be a trustworthy gatekeeper for all of your data by having procedures in place in case of system outages.
  • The CRM system should be secure and provide how they backup and protect your valuable customer information!

Now you are ready to find the perfect SMB Business CRM software for your small to medium sized business. Ultimately, a good SMB business CRM software solution will be easy to implement and use, be helpful and grow your business!

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