How to Setup Web Lead Capture from Your Website to SalesNexus

by | Jan 17, 2020

Have a customized form on your website that you’d like to use to capture leads into SalesNexus CRM?

If you have a website and use a “Contact Us” form that collects information about a new lead, and you aren’t using SalesNexus Web Lead Capture to add these contacts automatically to your database, then you are wasting valuable time.  

Web Lead Capture automatically creates a new contact when they fill out a web form on your website.  

Take this a step further with the SalesNexus Automation Plans and add the new contact to a specific email campaign. It can also add those new contacts to your task list so you can reach out in seconds, instead of hours with an Automation Plan.

How to Setup Web Lead Capture

To setup Web Lead Capture, and have your contacts automatically added to SalesNexus, send an email to and ask for help setting up the Web Lead Capture service.  

Contact support at to get a lead capture link that you can add to your site.  First, you’ll need to provide the agent with the link to your website page where the form is submitted. 

Shortly, you’ll receive a link from the SalesNexus team that will look like the example one below, which you’ll need to add to the header of your page.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

* Please note: This is an example script. Do not add the above to your header.

That’s it! You should be set up for leads from your website to automatically be funneled into your SalesNexus System.