How To Easily Group Contacts in SalesNexus

by | Jan 10, 2020

Separate and Group your Contacts by using the Group feature in SalesNexus!

 The following steps will show you how to add a New Group in Salesnexus. 

1) Click on Groups -> Create Group


2) On the “Create new Group” Window, you will have to add the Name the other fields are optional. 


3) Click save 

Step 2- Adding Contacts to Your Group

4) After Saving your Group, now it’s time to Add Contacts to Your Group


Note- You must have administrator privileges to perform the next step > How to Enable Export and Mass Update Rights For A User

5) Once you’ve added all the contacts for this group, click “Make Lookup”. This pulls up a list of the contacts you’ve added to this group.


To ensure that you’ll be able to create a lookup for the contacts inside your Groups, you will need to perform a mass update to these contacts in your lookup.

We recommend grouping your contacts on a common field that relates to your business needs. For example, if these contacts all came from a recent trade show, update the lead source field for all of them to say the name i.e. “Trade Show 2020”.

Here’s how to do this: